Are You Competitive or Insecure?

There’s nothing wrong with being competitive. However, there is a thin line between being competitive and being envy or insecure. A competitive’s mindset is that they will do their best in whatever they do and they are going to focus on improving themselves. They acknowledge the things that they don’t  know yet and they are willing to be corrected because they know that they still have to grow and they don’t know everything.

 While the mindset of a person who is envy and insecure is far too different. They always look at how other people work and they’ll look for something to bash about them. They will try to look for their imperfections and will do their best to let them notice it so that the person would feel bad about themselves or they can make themselves look better than them. 

Are you competing with your old self or are you competing with someone else? Are you competitive or insecure? You know the answer.


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