Happiness ๐Ÿ˜Š

โ€‹People think that happiness is expensive. Looking at the list below, they seem to be right…

Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel- Php800.00+

A pair of Ferragamo Shoes- Php16,000.00

Driving a Jaguar- Php22 Million

A Rolex Watch- Php300,000.00

A Lacoste Shirt- Php3,500.00

Seeing the glint of a one-karat diamond ring- Php100,000.00 (average)

Walking in an Elegant Armani Suit- Php150,000.00

Watching a movie from a Home Theater- Php250,000.00

Cuddling up in Marks and Spencers Pajamas- Php2,400.00

Traveling a Business class instead of economy (U.S trip)- $2,000.00

A latest gadget- Php35,000.00 to Php50,000.00

But I don’t think that happiness is expensive. A lot of people are not rich but are awesomely enriching. For them happiness means:

Being quiet in a prayer everyday- 0.00

Giving a glass of water to a postman or garbage collector- 0.00

Laughing with friends- 0.00

Calling up your parents to say you miss them- Php5.00 per 3minutes/ Php20.00 unlimited for a day

Reading a good book (borrowed)- 0.00

Visiting a home for the elderly and listening to the stories of a grandma and grandpa- 0.00

Taking a quiet walk with a loved one while holding hands- 0.00

Holding a songfest with the kids- 0.00

Giving roses from the market with an original poem to a friend- Php35.00

Wrestling with your son and letting him win- 0.00

Happiness isn’t only for millionaires. The happiest person in the world is the one who finds greatness in simple things. 

Happiness is priceless.. =)


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