God’s Message and Healing

I’ve been stressed these past days caused by some personal and office issues. Personally, some of my relatives have misjudged me because of stories that are not credible coming from an unreliable person. This kind of experience had made me cry. It made me cry not just because I was hurt. I cried because I don’t have any other outlet to let my anger out. I was angry for the fact that my side wasn’t heard. I was angry for the fact that I am being judged by the people I love. I was angry, I was hurting and some issues at work had added more injury to it which was really piquing. 

Yesterday, I knelt down to God and prayed. I cried it all out to Him. And how mighty and wonderful He is because He didn’t just give an answer to my prayer but He has also healed me.

That was when I realized and understood why sometimes you have to get hurt emotionally so that next time, you would know how to be tough. Sometimes, the people you love would hurt you for you to know that they are not perfect and no one has it 100%. We are all a work in progress and God isn’t finished with us yet. 

I have learned that cutting people out of my life is never a solution because it will break me more. I have learned more about my imperfections and that God is working on it and inspite of all my shortcomings, His love and strength is so perfect which is more than enough for me. 

I thank God when I was treated unfairly, because I have come to know the value of justice. I thank Him for suffering betrayal because it has taught me the importance of loyalty. I thank Him for being lonely from time to time because it keeps me from taking my friends for granted.

I thank Him for the  bad luck, because it made me conscious of the role of chance in life and I have understood that my success is not completely deserved and that the failure of others is not completely deserved either.

I thank Him for the pain because it made me compassionate. 

 And whether I benefit from them or not will depend upon my ability to see the message in my misfortunes.


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