Kita Kita Movie Review


Today, as I always do, I watched a movie alone. Other people might think it’s weird but I know my fellow introverts can relate to the joy of being alone rather than being with someone else. I am a person who would do whatever I want to do which often results to being insensitive with what others want that’s why I often want to go shopping, watching movie and traveling alone. It keeps me from having the need to be conscious with other people.

Earlier, I have witnessed a stupendous Filipino movie. It is far too different from the other movies I’ve seen. It opened the eyes of the viewer and changed everyone’s perspective about love.

Sometimes, I can’t blame someone for being superficial. They are like that because the media is a very powerful influence which normally tells people that in order for you to be loved, you have to look good, or, true love is only for two good-looking people. If you don’t look good, you need to be rich so that you can be loved.

This movie has got loads of positive feedbacks from the viewers. However, if it isn’t a movie show, in reality, when others see two people sweetly walking and the other person doesn’t look good, the first impression is, the person must be rich that’s why the girl liked him. I have witnessed a lot of people who love to make comments about the lives of other people even though they don’t really know the depth of their relationship. 

Truth is, you don’t get to see it entirely. Unless, they’ll sit down with you and tell you their story or it gets launched on a movie theatre. But they don’t owe you an explanation. 

I actually got mixed of emotion after watching the movie. I was happy and upset. Happy because it is too far away from what our society is telling us. It is too far away from the dogma and it somehow has broke them down. I was upset for the fact that some people are being hypocrite for loving this kind of movie but when they see people in the same situation in reality, they’ve got a lot of misjudgments about them. 

The movie has taught me that if you like the person because they are handsome or pretty, it isn’t love. If you like them because they’re famous, it isn’t love, if you like them because they are talented or intelligent, it isn’t love at all.

Love is an extraordinary and an unexplainable feeling for an ordinary person who makes your everyday life special. Love is when you are excited to wake up everyday because you are looking forward to spend the rest of your day with him/her. Love is seeing beauty beyond imperfections.

As my most favorite line goes, “When you fall for their personality, everything about them becomes beautiful.”